Third Link

Project Overview

Penang is a highly populated city with rapid growing number of vehicles (over 2
million) outnumbering the human population (over 1.5 million). Roads on the island
are crawling with thousands of vehicles every single day, even traffic on alternative
roads are beginning to increase, as drivers are exploring ways to escape traffic
jams on the major roads. A proper traffic infrastructure is rudiment to support,
disperse and distribute traffic to reduce congestion and bottle-necks.

The need to expand the traffic infrastructure is crucial for the economic development
of Penang island. The Penang Road and Tunnel Projects consists of four phases and
will be carried out according to the proposed project schedule. This project will
provide an efficient traffic network system for Penang state.

Undersea Tunnel is the third phase project by Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd. The
Undersea Tunnel link from Gurney Drive, George Town to Butterworth Outer Ring Road
(BORR) with total length approximately 7.2km.



Key Information:

Undersea Tunnel

  • Total Length 7,2 km (approximate)
  • Toll Plaza

Proposed Interchanges

  • Persiaran Gurney
  • Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR)