In its endeavor to create a highly livable, economically vibrant and socially inclusive community, the Penang State Government has identified traffic congestion in the state as one of the factors holding it back.

To meet the challenges ahead, the State commissioned a Transport Master Plan Strategy Report aimed at improving the State’s present transport system by adopting a balanced approach for public transport and highway improvements.

The central premise of the State’s strategy is simple – “moving people, not cars”. For highway projects recommended in the transport strategy, the adopted approach involved the construction of three new highways on Penang Island and an undersea tunnel.

To further enhance connectivity, a proposed cable car project will link the island to the new transport hub in Penang Sentral on the mainland. The sea tunnel and cable car connections are two of the five links that will connect Penang Island to the mainland, with the other three being the proposed LRT line and the two existing Penang Bridges.